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Network testing

Z200 - High Precision Timing Module

Price: $1,250.00


ZTI provides computer time synchronization devices based on GPS that can ensure reliable accurate time on any machine under Windows, Linux/Unix or others... We provide industrial time synchronization devices for servers and workstations. Our timing products can synchronize a single PC or a complete network of devices.

GPS Time Equipment: z200 - High Precision Tming with indoor or outdoor antenna (interface: serial port).

We provide also accessories such as GPS antennas (patch, hardmount and bullet).

System features

  • Complete 12-channel GPS receiver
  • Ultra-high sensitivity of -155dBm (-185dBw), enabling high performance in urban canyon and indoor environments.
  • Highly accurate PPS (Pulse Per Second signal), ±30ns.
  • Time to First Fix is quicker than 45s.
  • Configuration parameters backed-up to an EEPROM.
  • Antenna voltage: 5V (standard) or 3V (on request).
  • Protection against open or short circuit on the antenna.
  • Back-up capacitor with an autonomy of 80 hours for hot start-up after a power cut.
  • Protected power supply accepting from 7 to 40 V (compliant with automotive standards 12 and 24 V).
  • Communication port outlet in RS232 level (RS422 level with transient protection upon request). NMEA protocol, with configurable baud rate.
  • Compact ruggedized metal housing.
  • Connections: DB9 (communication and PPS signal), SMB (aerial), automobile type locking connector (power supply).


The z200 module is designed specifically for GPS synchronization applications, and will automatically enter a Self Survey mode of operation on power up. The Self Survey mode allows the receiver to continuously calculate its geographic position for a period of 20 minutes (the pps is valid during this period but its accuracy will fluctuate relative to the positional error). After the 20 minutes self survey period, the z200 module will automatically calculate an average of the geographical position and fix this value in the receiver firmware, which allows the pps to be more accurately controlled, even when only one satellite is being tracked. If no satellite is tracked, the pps is still delivered thanks to Holdover mode, with a drift better than 100μs/hour at room temperature. Another feature of the z200 module is the ability to maintain a positional fix at extremely low GPS signal strengths, and to track satellites down to levels of -155dBm (-185dBw) which equates to signal strengths typically seen deep inside buildings. This means that the antenna does not need to be located externally, up a mast or on the rooftop as is the norm. This considerably reduces the cost and complexity of deployment in terms of antenna cabling and the need for lightning strike protection and significantly reduces the costs associated with maintenance.
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