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NuOutlet-LN (AC)

AC Power Monitor for Long-term Data Collection / Analysis


NuOutlet-LN is designed for information collection of power parameters in order to be checked and analyzed directly from the outlet power of NuOutlet-LN or remotely across a network. It gathers long-term power measurements from the DUT (device under test) for RMS Voltage (Volt), RMS Current (Amp), Active Power, AC Frequency (Hz), Temperature (Celsius), Peak Voltage (Volt) and Peak Current (Amp). In addition, the Outlet power function can also be controlled directly or remotely across a network.

System features

  • Provide 3 levels of power overload protection
  • Measure variety of power status including Voltage, Current and Watt.
  • High precision measurement at accuracy to 0.1%
  • Control this device by IP address or application software
  • Username and password with encryption for security control
  • Remote and local control with automatic configuration
  • Power status log and instant display at LCD
  • Cascaded through Ethernet port without amount limitation
  • Get IP address by network via Static or DHCP client IP mode


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