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NuDC-4U (DC)

 4 Channels DC Power Data Acquisition Device


NuDC-4U is an innovative product that provides better solution for power probing. Common DC power statistics including voltage, ampere and even the watt can be read instantly via NuDC-4U. Moreover, up to 4 sets of individual powers can be monitored simultaneously and the LCD screen can also display the maximum and minimum value of the current power during the test.p>

Besides displaying real-time power status, NuDC-4U can also record all variation of power status and export it to PC via mini-USB port. When conducting long-time tests, NuDC-4U can automatically and periodically save test logs to the folder in PC that users defined previously. Therefore, no testing data will be lost during long testing periods, and all conditions related to the power status can be tracked down and analyzed easily. Also, NuDC-4U can send e-mails to the user-defined e-mail address whenever an error occurs, making it less likely for engineers to miss any crucial test results in a long testing time.

NuDC-4U has the ability to record 4,000 sample data within a second. However, in order to prevent PC crash or lag caused by the enormous data flow, users can define the Display Rate with the utility software. By defining Display Rate, users can set how many data should be sampled within 4,000 sample data generated per second. Not only preventing PCs from crashing or lagging, but this feature also provides more accurate maximum, minimum, and average values of the test.

For different testing requirements, NuDC-4U also has various optional accessories available. These optional accessories include: USB interface for testing USB device power status, DC jack interface for various sizes of the DC jack connectors, PoE interface for devices support Power over Ethernet, wire connections for devices with no DC connectors, and mini daughter boards for PCB and SMD.

NuDC-4U Block Diagram Monitor and Log Power Status by NuDC-4U

System features

  • Monitor 4 DC power sources channels simultaneously
  • Voltage and current in each channel can be monitored at the same time
  • Using mini-USB port as power source, as well as interface for accessing logs and utilities on PCs
  • Utility software with 2D curve-diagrams, user-interface with advanced functions such as split-screen, curve select switch, resizing and overlapping
  • When connecting to PC via mini-USB port, GUI utility softwares can provide long-time statistics in diagrams
  • LCD screen embedded on NuDC-4U with real-time statistic displaying function
  • Various instant-readiness optional accessories
  • E-mail notification by pre-defined alarm criteria from users
  • High speed and accurate measurement of voltage, current and watt
  • High speed and precise digitizing capture of power status
  • Detection range from ±0.1V to ±70V, 10mA to 8A and 0.001W to 560W
  • Detection current is up to 16A if circuits are connected in parallel by SC4S accessory board


  • Debug DC power problem of circuit board
  • Long term monitoring of DC power supply
  • Warning of unstable DC power supply
  • Trace specified power status event
  • Compare variation of the same test circuit design on different DUT.
  • Detect degradation of electronic component.

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