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XM-2WL1 (Module)

AC Power Test Module of NuStreams Chassis


XM-2WL1 is designed for information collection of power parameters in order to be reviewed and analyzed directly from the outlet power or remotely across a network using NuStreams-2000i/600i series chassis.

It gathers long-term power measurements from the DUT (Device under Test), and two levels of safety protection keep the DUT from damage in case of voltage overload. To advance its capability, XM-2WL1 could automatically/ manually save and load log files to gather and interpret data. Chart configuration, contains with Device name, Power controls, Voltage thresholds, Current thresholds, Active Power thresholds, Saving logs and intervals and the power status of DUT, can also be saved and loaded for records to adapt user’s preferences.

System features

  • Monitor 4 DC power sources channels simultaneously
  • Voltage and current in each channel can be monitored at the same time
  • Using mini-USB port as power source, as well as interface for accessing logs and utilities on PCs
  • Utility software with 2D curve-diagrams, user-interface with advanced functions such as split-screen, curve select switch, resizing and overlapping
  • When connecting to PC via mini-USB port, GUI utility softwares can provide long-time statistics in diagrams
  • LCD screen embedded on NuDC-4U with real-time statistic displaying function
  • Various instant-readiness optional accessories
  • E-mail notification by pre-defined alarm criteria from users
  • High speed and accurate measurement of voltage, current and watt
  • High speed and precise digitizing capture of power status
  • Detection range from ±0.1V to ±70V, 10mA to 8A and 0.001W to 560W
  • Detection current is up to 16A if circuits are connected in parallel by SC4S accessory board


  • Power Meter
  • Power Monitor
  • Power Switch Control

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