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Network testing

Z400 - Ethernet NTP Time Server

Price: $4,800.00


ZTI provides computer time synchronization devices based on GPS that can ensure reliable accurate time on any machine under Windows, Linux/Unix or others... We provide industrial time synchronization devices for servers and workstations. Our timing products can synchronize a single PC or a complete network of devices.

GPS Time Server: z400 - High Precision Ethernet NTP Time Server with indoor or outdoor antenna for static and mobile applications with a large temperature range of -20°C (-4°F) to +65°C (149°F).

We provide also accessories such as GPS antennas (patch, hardmount and bullet).

System features

  • Ultra-High sensitivity of -160dBm enabling high performance in obscured, low signals and indoor environments.
  • GPS receiver: 12 channels
  • Well-suited for static and mobile applications with an indoor or outdoor antenna with a temperature range of -20°C (-4°F) to +65°C (149°F) .
  • 2 available levels of accuracy time synchronized to GPS time: 10 and 1 microsecond.
  • Integrated web server for monitoring and configuration.
  • Alarms and periodic status reported through emails.
  • Self-survey mode: timestamp accuracy (compliant with SNTP protocol) is better than ±200 nanoseconds for the receive packet and ±600 nanoseconds for the transmit packet (for the 1 microsecond level of accuracy) even with only 1 satellite being tracked.
  • Holdover mode: clock drift less than 100µs/day with 10°C temperature variation (OCXO integrated).
  • Highly accurate PPS/TOP signal (±40ns) available on RS232 (RS422 in option) or 6-pin I/O connector (polarity, period, length and delay compensation are configurable by user).
  • 6-pin I/O connector with different options: opto-isolated event input #1 (2500VDC isolation) for timestamping of external events (±100ns accuracy), alarm relay, PPS/TOP on output static relay, 10MHz OCXO square wave output, 10MHz OCXO sinus output, PPS/TOP 3V output, PPS/TOP RS422 output, IRIG B003 RS422 output, event input #2.
  • Power supply through Ethernet (PoE) or via AC/DC connector.
  • SNTP protocol (RFC2030) for timing information, broadcast or unicast mode (broadcast unicity is configurable). IPv4 compliant.
  • SNMP V1 (RFC1157), MIB-II (RFC1213)
  • Protection against open or short circuit antenna.
  • Two models: Compact or Rack 19'' (the rack unit displays timing and status information on a LCD display).
  • In option: Enhanced NTP Client (Zti Time Service software) for Windows or Linux (PCs or servers) with a guaranteed accuracy of 1ms.

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