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Network testing

zClock - High Precision Clock

zClock - High Precision Clock
Price: $850.00


ZTI provides computer time synchronization devices based on GPS that can ensure reliable accurate time on any machine under Windows, Linux/Unix or others... We provide industrial time synchronization devices for servers and workstations. Our timing products can synchronize a single PC or a complete network of devices.

External computer clock equipment: zClock - high precision clock (interface: parallel port).

We provide also accessories such as GPS antennas (patch, hardmount and bullet).

System features

Clock module with a very high degree of accuracy for use on PC parallel port (EPP mode).

The Real Time Clock (RTC) built into most machines is far from reliable and most RTCs drift considerably over time. Based on a high stability and ultra stable OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) with a fast warm up, the zClock product offers a very precise clock (0,27ppm) to PC applications in a small and compact packaging.


  • instrumentation
  • metrology
  • all very accurate measurements

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