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Vacuum Capacitors

Variable vacuum capacitors

High power RF systems
Applications with Low Torque and Long Life

The VH type vacuum capacitors are intended to enhance current capacities in high power RF System applications. OMNICOR offers five VH types that cover the current range from 100 Arms to 170 Arms.
  • Double bellows…High power applications, low torque, and compact motors
  • Low-loss ceramic envelope and special copper alloy bellows
  • Reinforced capacitance adjustment screw

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Medium power RF systems
System applications

The VM type capacitors were first manufactured in 1992 and were based on MEIDEN’s many years of experience in vacuum technology. They have a center pin allocated in the center of electrodes to secure an outstanding sliding motion in the vacuum. Double-layer bellows of high-strength stainless materials plated with highly conductive copper are adopted in the VM type capacitors.
  • Copper-plated single stainless bellows

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Low power RF systems
Applications · Compact Size

The VT type capacitors are a compact model of former VM type capacitors with higher reliability. They are made to allow easier motor connections by placing a guide bearing inside them.
  • Copper-plated single stainless bellows

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