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Vacuum Capacitors

Fixed vacuum capacitors

High power RF systems
High Power RF System Applications · High Voltage

The FH type capacitors have been developed for high-current and high-frequency applications. They have assured ultra-low loss by using thick copper materials in electrodes and high alumina materials in construction of ceramic envelopes. For high-voltage applications, OMNICOR offers the variety of models with peak test voltages of 25kVp, 30kVp, and 35kVp.

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Medium power RF systems

The FC type vacuum capacitors have higher current capacities than the FS type capacitors by using copper materials in electrodes.
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Low power RF systems
Ultra-Compact · Various Capacitances

The FS type capacitors have achieved the miniaturization and high withstand voltages by using stainless materials in electrodes and by highly accurate positioning of a center pin. Although their current capacity is below that of copper electrode type capacitors, a high current can be carried due to low-loss performance. Therefore, they are applicable as an alternative to ceramic capacitors.
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